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We believe in the power of people to effect change for the greater good, and we believe that violence and chaos are not the natural result of accommodating different needs and different perspectives.

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Kurdish women a force to be reckoned with for ISIS - CNN.comDon't be fooled by the pretty songs they sing in their downtime -- these women are among ISIS' most deadly enemies. Brandishing Kalashnikov [READ]

More turmoil for House GOP lawsuit against ObamaHouse Speaker John Boehner’s still-unfiled lawsuit against President Barack Obama for exceeding his constitutional power is in more trouble. For the s [READ]

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Boehner: Bush would have punched Putin in the noseHouse Speaker John Boehner is trashing President Obama's foreign policy on the campaign trail by talking up someone Republicans have spent years [READ]


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Progressivism is not an ideology at all, but an attitude towards the world of politics that is far less black-and-white than conservatism or liberalism, breaking free from the false and divisive dichotomy of liberal vs. conservative that has dominated American politics for too long. Progressives aren't simply liberals; progressives see the world for what it is, accept it as ever-changing and dynamic, and choose the best course of action in line with decidedly American values. -From an article on Alternet.org by Andrew Garib

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I Voted – Now It’s Your Turn


Voting has begun across the country. Today I went and cast my ballot, and you need to go and do the same. If you believe that you have any bit of responsibility for the success of the society, the state, and the city you live in, then this is your most basic responsibility – to vote.

I don’t want to hear about how your vote doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because you don’t vote! I don’t want to hear about corrupt politicians. They are not corrupt, they are simply listening to the people that participate in the political process. If you don’t vote, never call or write your representatives, then why on earth would they listen to you?

Would you take life advice from a stranger on the street? I don’t think so. Neither will a politician concern themselves with someone who moans and complains, but never lifts a finger to make a change. If the majority of people don’t care, and don’t vote, why would a politician base their actions on what they think? They don’t. They base their actions on those that actively try to influence the process – lobbyists and big business.

It’s time for you to get up and lend your hand. We need many hands to lift the burning car of financial influence off the body of public interest. Don’t stand by. Don’t let us burn.



Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” Carrying ISIS-Style Flags At Anti-African Rally

Video footage of Jewish Israelis with ISIS-style flags, chanting “niggers go home” at an anti-African rally in Tel Aviv on October 5 has surfaced. Hundreds of protesters could be heard in streets of Tel Aviv chanting anti-African racial slurs, following an Israeli High Court ruling to close down “Holot” detention facility within 90 days.

Holot is essentially an internment camp holding about 2,300 of 60,000 African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv. Israelis are outraged by the court decision to close “Holot,” where African migrants from Eritrea and Sudan have been locked in facilities overnight and are forced to sign in several times per day.

via Addicting Info – VIDEO: Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” Carrying ISIS-Style Flags At Anti-African Rally.




St. Louis Cardinals fans clash with Ferguson protesters: ‘Let’s go, Darren!’

The fans then begin chanting “Darren Wilson” and clapping, and a man in a Cardinals jacket calls a protester a “crack head” and urges him to see a dentist.

Some of the fans engage protesters in arguments over who is tougher, and at least one fan invites a protester to cross the guardrail into the ticketed area to fight.

None of the fans crosses over the guardrail to fight a protester.

An usher tells one incredulous fan that he risked arrest for attempting to start a fight with the protesters, and a female fan tells the demonstrators they were being disrespectful.

“We’re the ones who gave all y’all the freedoms that you have!” she shouts at the demonstrators.

via St. Louis Cardinals fans clash with Ferguson protesters: ‘Let’s go, Darren!’.




Mass shooting hysteria and the death of John Crawford


…there may be unintended consequences to our oversaturated coverage of mass shootings and the widespread belief that they’re increasing, even if neither produces a single new law. In 2010, there was an incident at a Las Vegas-area Costco that bears a striking resemblance to what happened in Ohio. Police gunned down Eric Scott, 38, outside the store after employees complained about the gun he was legally carrying. Though the Costco had a surveillance system, the store claimed that the cameras mysteriously malfunctioned at the time of the shooting. Scott was a West Point graduate with no criminal record. His family says he may have been agitated when hassled about a gun he was legally permitted to carry, but like Crawford’s family, they find it hard to believe that a guy with no criminal history or emotional problems would have intentionally provoked the police into shooting him.

It isn’t difficult to see how the misconception that mass shootings are becoming ubiquitous might make us see threats and potential mass killers instead of, say, a guy checking out a pellet gun, or a Costco shopper with a legal sidearm. And it isn’t difficult to see how a frightened witness might even exaggerate what he saw to get the police to take him seriously. Last month, the California State University San Marcos campus was put on lockdown and a SWAT team was sent in after someone mistook a staff member carrying an umbrella for a mass shooter. Umbrellas have caused similar lockdowns in Issaquah, Wash.;  Fort Washington, Pa.; and Akron, Ohio.

via Mass shooting hysteria and the death of John Crawford – The Washington Post.



Obama Expands Pacific Ocean Preserve, Making It Largest In The World


President Barack Obama is carving out a wide swath the Pacific Ocean for an expanded marine preserve, putting the waters off-limits to drilling and most fishing in a bid to protect fragile underwater life.

The revamped expanded Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument will cover 490,000 square miles – an area roughly three times the size of California – and will become the largest marine preserve in the world. Millions of seabirds, sea turtles and marine mammals live in the bio-rich expanse included by the new monument, which will also add new protections for more than 130 “seamounts” – underwater mountains where rare or undiscovered species are frequently found.

The move to broaden the George W. Bush-era preserve comes as Obama seeks to show concrete presidential action to protect the environment, despite firm opposition in Congress to new environmental legislation. At the United Nations this week, Obama announced new U.S. commitments to help other nations deal with the effects of climate change, as world leaders seek to galvanize support for a major global climate treaty to be finalized next year in Paris.

via Obama Expands Pacific Ocean Preserve, Making It Largest In The World.