The EPA just deleted the word science from the Office of Science mission statement

EDGI argues these changes signal the EPA’s new direction—one that prioritizes business interests over public health and science—under new Administrator Scott Pruitt, who has close ties to fossil-fuel companies. Pruitt didn’t mention public health once in his first speech to agency employees, instead focusing on improving the EPA’s relationship with private interests.

This change is Republican 101. Think about applying this kind of language to oil spills or auto safety. “Technologically achievable” is just another way of saying ‘don’t make business spend money on ideas to make things better’.

In other words, oil spill clean up rules can’t be made that require anything ,more than paper towel, because that is all that is technologically achievable. Remediation technology of all kinds will be completely disincentivized under this administration. –TRP

Source: Guess Which Word the EPA Just Deleted From Its Science Mission Statement | Mother Jones