Think About This – Monday 8/8/16

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Here are a few things to think about this week when you are talking politics and policy:

• The world grows more peaceful and prosperous everyday. Violence and warfare have been declining since World War II.

• Respect for civil and human rights in the U.S. is growing greater every day. More police are wearing cameras, and more are being held accountable for their illegal actions. Everyone can now be married legally. Access to health care without being financially ruined is now considered more of a priority than ever.

• The father of the Irving, Texas student arrested for his home-made clock has filed a lawsuit against the school district for civil rights violations.

• Last Friday the Obama administration released a redacted version of its anti-terrorism policy, which includes the process of selecting targets and the use of “lethal force” against them. Little discussion of the actual document in the media. You can read the pdf here.

• More reports of Republicans jumping ship and endorsing Hillary Clinton.

Have a great week!