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We believe in the power of people to effect change for the greater good, and we believe that violence and chaos are not the natural result of accommodating different needs and different perspectives.

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President Barack Obama is no stranger to the charge that he likes to raise taxes. But a new report from an anti-tax group says he’s actually proposed [READ]

News from President Barack Obama that 8 million people have signed up for health insurance plans through state and federal marketplaces has drawn plen [READ]


Progressivism is not an ideology at all, but an attitude towards the world of politics that is far less black-and-white than conservatism or liberalism, breaking free from the false and divisive dichotomy of liberal vs. conservative that has dominated American politics for too long. Progressives aren't simply liberals; progressives see the world for what it is, accept it as ever-changing and dynamic, and choose the best course of action in line with decidedly American values. -From an article on Alternet.org by Andrew Garib


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Romney Invests In Chinese Companies That Steal From The U.S.

While Obama cited only one oil company, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the Romneys’ 2010 and 2011 tax returns show investments in at least 10 Chinese companies, a total investment of at least $391,800.

Among them were New Oriental Education and Technology, a company in which the Romneys’ blind trusts invested nearly $60,000. New Oriental

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BBC poll: Rest of world favours Obama

A BBC World Service opinion poll has found sharply higher overseas approval ratings for US President Barack Obama than Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

An average of 50% favoured Mr Obama, with 9% for Mr Romney, in the survey of 21,797 people in 21 countries.





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2012: The battle for 7 states

The main battlegrounds: Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida and Wisconsin. The late inclusion of Wisconsin on this list reflects a bet by Romney — buoyed by some polls showing an opportunity for him there — that he can turn a state that has not voted for a Republican presidential nominee since 1984.

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Obama still more liked than Romney despite poor debate

Romney gained in a few areas, but not at Obamas expense despite the incumbents lackluster performance in the first presidential debate on Wednesday.

On the broad question of who they will vote for in November, Obama kept his slim 2 percentage point lead over Romney among likely voters – 47 to 45 percent –

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Romney’s Own Website Refutes His Claim About Tax Cuts For The Rich

Tax cuts for the rich are unpopular, unaffordable and have repeatedly  failed to deliver any measurable economic benefits to the rest of the country. So it’s no wonder that during last night’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney didn’t want to embrace a policy of massive new tax cuts for the rich. “I will not reduce the taxes paid by high-income

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